Veinwave is an innovative treatment to address small spider veins known as telangiectasia. The minimally-invasive procedure uses thermocoagulation to heat and close visible vessels that are too small to treat with sclerotherapy or other vein treatments. Veinwave is particularly effective at treating spider veins on the face, with no discomfort or scarring involved.

How does Veinwave Work?

Veinwave is a medical device that uses a fine needle to deliver heat that collapses spider veins. The needle does not penetrate the vein and insulation around the needle ensures surrounding tissue is left undamaged. No anesthesia is required prior to performing the procedure. Patients describe treatment as similar to a minor sting or prick of a pin.

The procedure takes just a few minutes to complete and results are evident right away. In fact, patients can actually watch spider veins disappear from the skin’s surface. Some patients may be effectively treated in a single session, while others may need a series of sessions to achieve desired results.

What to Expect after Treatment

There is no downtime after the Veinwave procedure, so patients can return to work and other activities as soon as treatment is completed. Patients with sensitive skin may experience minor redness or irritation around the treatment area. However, most patients will not have any visible residual effect from the procedure.

In addition to addressing small spider veins, Veinwave may also be an effective treatment for rosacea symptoms and red spots on the skin. For more information on the latest addition to our vein treatment menu, contact the staff at PCI Vein Institute today.

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