New Varicose Vein Treatment Approved by the FDA

A new treatment for varicose veins has recently been approved by the FDA and is now available at PCI Vein Center. The VenaSeal Closure System seals diseased veins shut with a special adhesive, eliminating uncomfortable and unsightly varicose veins without heat or a sclerosing agent. With minimal side effects and excellent results, VenaSeal promises to be one more effective option in superficial vein treatment for many of our Cedar Rapids patients.

What is VenaSeal?
VenaSeal is a special medical-grade adhesive that has been used for many years in other medical procedures. The adhesive is delivered via a narrow catheter inserted directly into the affected vein, using ultrasound imaging to guide the catheter to the precise location. Once the catheter is in place, the adhesive is delivered directly into the vessel. As the catheter is slowly withdrawn, a bead of the adhesive is left behind to seal the interior walls of the vessel closed.

After the vessel is completely sealed, blood flow is rerouted through healthy veins nearby. The treated vein disappears from view and is gradually reabsorbed by the body. Any symptoms that accompanied the diseased vein, including pain, swelling and fatigue, will subside almost immediately following treatment.

Benefits of VenaSeal
There are a number of reasons why VenaSeal might become a preferred method of varicose vein treatment for some patients:

  • Entire procedure can be performed in 30 minutes or less
  • No need for anesthesia means less needle sticks during the procedure
  • Heatless treatment involves fewer risks of side effects
  • Patients may not be required to wear compression stockings after treatment
  • Almost no post-procedural pain and no pain medication needed
  • Patients are able to return to regular activities immediately following treatment
  • Less post-procedural bruising than other vein procedures

Clinical studies have shown VenaSeal to offer permanent elimination of superficial spider and varicose veins. The FDA has also approved the procedure as a permanent treatment for varicose veins. However, the procedure is still too new to determine whether there is a potential for recurrence at a later time.

VenaSeal offers a number of advantages over other vein treatments currently available today. PCI Vein Center is one of the first clinics in the Cedar Rapids area to offer this innovative procedure to clients. If you would like to learn more about VenaSeal, or other options in spider and varicose vein treatment, contact PCI Vein Center at 319-774-8432.

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