Desk Job? 5 Varicose Vein Prevention Tips for You

While occupations that keep you on your feet all day are not good for your varicose veins, desk jobs that keep you in a chair all day, every day, can be bad for those veins as well. Sitting for prolonged periods prevents your calf muscles from flexing and assisting with the tough job of moving blood back up the body to the heart. The good news is a few simple tips to break up those long days of sitting may help to prevent those swollen veins from forming.


Take Walking Breaks
For every hour you spend at behind your desk, spend at least a few minutes getting up to stretch and walk around. Short walking stints will get your calf muscles working so your veins get a bit of a break. If you can add stairs to the equation, such as walking down to the lunchroom rather than taking the elevator, so much the better.

Use an Exercise Ball
Sitting on an exercise ball rather than a standard office chair for at least a portion of the day can offer a number of health benefits. In addition to strengthening your back and core, this position can keep your calf muscles flexing even when you are working at your computer. Over time, that small change can have positive results on your body and your veins.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
Extra weight is another risk factor for varicose veins, and sitting behind a desk all day makes it that much easier to pack on the pounds. Counter the sedentary nature of your day with regular walking breaks, daily exercise and a nutritious, low-calorie diet. Keep regular track of your weight and take immediate action if the numbers on the scale start to creep up.

Exercise Daily
Daily exercise is essential for everyone, but especially those that spend many of their working hours sitting at a desk. You don’t have to train for American Ninja Warrior to reap the benefits – just 30 minutes of swimming, biking or walking daily should do the trick. In addition, the regular exercise routine will help you keep your weight down and offer a number of other health benefits at the same time.

Consider Compression Stockings
Consider investing in a few pairs of compression stockings to wear at work that will promote healthy blood flow even when you have to remain at your computer. Compression stockings come in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes today, so you can find a few office-friendly versions to add to your wardrobe.

If your desk job has already given you a few visible varicose veins, we can help. At PCI Vein Center, we offer the latest in vein treatments to eliminate those unattractive veins without discomfort or downtime. To learn more, contact PCI Vein Center at 319-774-8432.

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