If My Veins are the Problem, Why is My Skin Changing?

You know what they look like, those bulging rope-like vines that protrude above your skin, known as varicose veins. You are all too familiar with their unsightly appearance and their uncomfortable symptoms like aching or leg cramps at the end of the day. What you didn’t know was that those bothersome veins could also lead to potentially serious and irreversible skin changes. If the problem is varicose veins, what is up with the skin?

Explaining Venous Insufficiency

To examine the reason behind the skin changes, it is important to understand why varicose veins occur in the first place. These swollen, twisting veins are a visible sign of an underlying condition known as venous insufficiency.

Veins throughout the body are responsible for carrying blood back to the heart after it has transported nutrients and oxygen to all the body organs and systems. Tiny valves inside the veins keep that blood flowing in a single direction, ensuring a healthy blood pressure throughout the vascular system. Over time, those valves can become damaged or start to wear out from all the hard work they do.

When the valves can’t function, blood can pool in the veins, leading to swollen veins and varicosity. This affects blood flow, especially in the area where the varicose veins appear. When the vessels can’t carry blood as efficiently to the skin and tissue, damage can occur and visible signs like skin thickening and discoloration will become evident.

About those Skin Changes

If the skin changes are left unchecked, they can continue to worsen. Small nicks or cuts can become large wounds relatively quickly, which can be difficult to treat and often become infected. In addition, the discoloration around the site of the wound may become irreversible, even if the veins are properly treated.

For this reason, it is important to seek vein treatment at the first sign of color or texture changes to the skin. At PCI Vein Center, we offer procedures that can be performed on an outpatient basis, with little disruption to your daily schedule. The earlier these treatments are performed, the more likely we can effectively address skin changes and prevent further complications.
Skin changes are a sign that your vein condition is getting more serious. Now is the time to learn about your options in vein treatments and get rid of those unsightly varicose veins once and for all. To learn more about the vein treatments available at PCI Vein Center, contact a member of our team at 319-774-8432.

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