Hand Rejuvenation: No Surgery Needed

Your face is not the only place where those telltale signs of aging can appear. The hands also belie the passing of time, with thinning skin and protruding veins that make you look much older than you feel. If you are looking for a way to turn back the clock on the backs of your hands, the staff at PCI Vein just might have the perfect solution for you.

Reasons behind “Hand Veins”
Hand veins may begin to resemble the varicose veins you see on your legs, but there is actually a much different reason behind these protruding veins. Unlike the vessels in your lower leg that can become damaged over time, the vessels in the hands do not become diseased. Instead, decreases in collagen levels thin the skin and make the veins appear more prominent. This change is more evident on the backs of the hands because the skin is already thinner and there is less subcutaneous fat undernesdath the surface to support the skin structure.

Eliminating the Veins
The same treatment used to eliminate superficial veins in the leg can also be used to eradicate unsightly hand veins. Known as sclerotherapy, this injectable procedure seals the walls of the vessels closed so the vein collapses and is reabsorbed by the body. Blood is rerouted through healthy veins nearby. Because the veins on the hand that tend to protrude are superficial, they are not necessary for healthy blood flow. Sclerotherapy is a permanent solution for eliminating unattractive veins without significant discomfort or downtime involved.

Hiding the Veins with Skin Rejuvenation
Dermal fillers, injectable solutions used to support the underlying skin structure, are another option for treating aging hands. These formulations, which are usually used on the face to smooth away creases, can plump the skin on the backs of the hands so the veins are less noticeable. Like sclerotherapy, this procedure takes just a few minutes to complete and is nearly painless. Unlike sclerotherapy, the results of this treatment are not permanent however. You will likely need to repeat your procedure every 6-12 months to maintain positive results.

Now is the Time!
With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to indulge in your hand rejuvenation treatment. At PCI Veins we will tailor your procedure to your specific needs and desired results to ensure you enjoy the best outcome possible. To learn more about your options in hand rejuvenation, contact the team at PCI Veins at 319-774-8432.

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