Say Goodbye to Varicose Veins Before Your Winter Vacation

The cold, frosty months of winter are a time when many Iowans take off for sunnier skies and sandy beaches. If you have a winter vacation planned for this season, don’t let pesky varicose veins get in the way of your travel plans. By scheduling your vein treatment at PCI Vein Center now, you can rest assured those bulging vessels will be a distant memory by the time your winter holiday rolls around. Check out the reasons why winter is the perfect time to bid farewell to your varicose veins for good.

Ample Time

Vein treatment typically begins with an assessment of the visible veins to determine their underlying cause. Evaluations involve use of ultrasound imaging, a non-invasive procedure that allows the physician to see inside the vessels through the use of sound waves. Once the vein disorder is diagnosed, your treatment protocol can be discussed. There are a variety of options in vein treatment, allowing us to pinpoint your procedure to your specific situation. Common options include:

  • Venefit Closure uses radiofrequency energy to seal veins closed so they can be reabsorbed by the body
  • EVLT endovenous laser therapy or EVLT is similar to Venefit, only laser energy is used in place of RF energy to seal the vein closed
  • Microphlebectomy reserved for very large, bulging veins, this minimally invasive treatment uses tiny incisions and special tools to remove the diseased vessel from the leg in small sections

The Healing Process

Varicose vein treatments take less than one hour to complete and patients typically return to their daily activities the same day or the day after treatment. However, the full results of the procedure may not be seen quite that fast. While treatments like Venefit and EVLT seal the veins closed during the procedure, it may take some time for the veins to disappear completely as the body slowly eliminates them through natural processes. The good news is that while you are waiting on the cosmetic results of your procedure, uncomfortable symptoms like aching and swelling often resolve right away or soon after treatment.

Waiting on the Sun

After vein treatments, you may be advised to wear compression stockings for a few days to encourage healthy blood flow to the treatment area. Once the compression garments are off, you will also need to keep treated areas out of direct sunlight for a period of time to prevent discoloration in the area. By scheduling your vein treatment sooner rather than later, you will be ready to toss those compression socks aside and soak up the sun’s rays (with proper SPF, of course!) without worry about negative side effects from your procedure.

Get Ready, Go!

If you are beginning to look ahead to a beach vacation this winter or over spring break, now is the time to get started on your varicose vein treatment. By giving yourself a few weeks to heal and enjoy the full results of your procedure, you will be able to hit the sands and sea with confidence in your appearance. To learn more about your options in vein treatments, or to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Lawrence, contact PCI Vein Center today at 319-774-8432.

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