Greet 2016 with Prettier Legs!

Now that the New Year has been rung in, how are you feeling about its prospects? If unsightly, painful varicose veins are getting in the way of you anticipating 2016 to the fullest, maybe your first New Year’s resolution should be to seek treatment for those bulging vessels. At PCI Vein Center, we offer a variety of minimally-invasive treatment options to eliminate those ugly veins and their uncomfortable symptoms. Check out our five good reasons to pursue prettier legs in 2016.

Vein Symptoms Interfere with Your Resolution to Work Out

Pain, aching and swelling can all be the uncomfortable byproducts of varicose veins. Those symptoms can become quite pronounced for some sufferers, keeping them from participating in some types of activities. If you are putting off your New Year’s resolution to get back to the gym because of painful varicose veins, now is the time to take action. By eliminating those protruding vessels, you also eliminate the symptoms that accompany them. In fact, some patients notice a significant relief from symptoms as soon as their procedure is completed.

You are Dreading Spring Break

Spring break may still be a couple of months away, but you are already dreading the time you will spend in the sand and sun with your family because of your unsightly leg veins. Don’t anticipate your vacation with trepidation. Instead, get rid of your varicose veins so by the time spring break rolls around, you will be ready to flaunt your pretty new legs with pride. It can take some time for the full results of vein treatment to become evident, so schedule your treatment now to ensure your legs are completely ready for warm weather before you get on that plane.

Your Bathing Suit is Collecting Dust

Forget spending time with the kids at the pool this year. Your veins have become a cosmetic embarrassment that is keeping you from donning that bathing suit and getting in the water. It is unfortunate, since swimming is one of the most beneficial types of exercise for strengthening your veins and preventing future varicose veins from forming. Say goodbye to your varicose veins now, so you can hit the pool with the kids or indulge in a water workout whenever the mood strikes.

You are Tired of Compression Socks

Many varicose vein sufferers turn to compression stockings as a way to minimize uncomfortable symptoms and prevent swollen veins from worsening. While compression stockings are quite effective in managing varicose veins, they will not eliminate those vessels entirely. The longer you wear those stockings, the more discouraged you may become with your vein condition. By moving forward with vein treatment, you can eliminate your varicose veins entirely and say goodbye to those uncomfortable stockings for good.

Vein Treatment won’t Disrupt Your Daily Life

Perhaps you have been delaying vein treatment because you can’t afford to take time off work and other activities for a lengthy recovery period. Here’s the really good news – vein treatments today do not involve surgery, meaning you can get rid of your bulging vessels with minimal discomfort and downtime involved. Some of our patients are even able to return to their daily schedule as soon as their procedure is over.

Don’t let varicose veins get in the way of your enjoyment of this New Year. Contact the staff at PCI Vein Center today at 319-774-8432 to discover which vein treatment is the right one for you.

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