5 Important Facts about Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common problem that could affect nearly half of all men and women by the time they reach their 70s. Despite the prevalence of this condition, there are many misperceptions about it. To help you separate the facts from the fiction, PCI Veins offers five important facts about varicose veins all vein sufferers need to know.

They Can Happen to Anyone
Varicose veins are not restricted to elderly women with circulatory problems. This condition can affect both men and women at any age, including teenagers and young adults. The condition also appears occasionally in active adults of all ages, including athletes. No one is completely immune from the reaches of varicose veins.

They May Indicate an Underlying Problem
Varicose veins can be more than cosmetic – they often indicate an underlying condition known as venous insufficiency is present. Venous insufficiency occurs when the veins in the lower legs no longer function as efficiently, allowing blood to pool in the lower extremities and the veins to swell and become varicose.

They Will not Resolve on Their Own
Because varicose veins are usually caused by an underlying medical condition, they do not resolve without medical treatment. While approaches like changes to diet, exercise and compression stockings may help relieve symptoms, they will not reverse the varicose veins. Only medical procedures designed to eliminate the affected veins will eradicate the condition completely

They May Get Worse Over Time
Because varicose veins are often the result of an underlying vein condition, the condition can get worse over time if left unchecked. Some people may develop physical symptoms to accompany their protruding veins, such as leg heaviness and fatigue, swelling and leg cramps. Skin changes can also occur due to reduced blood flow in the lower extremities, which may be irreversible if veins are not treated in a timely fashion.

There are Treatment Options
Many varicose vein sufferers fail to seek treatment for their condition due to the assumption that invasive surgical procedures are their only option. However, today’s veins treatments are minimally-invasive, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques that eliminate unsightly veins with minimal discomfort or downtime. New vein treatments are also highly effective, with success rates reaching as high as 97-98 percent for most treatments.

At PCI Vein Center, spider and varicose veins are our specialty. We offer a variety of treatment options for these conditions that allow us to customize treatment to the unique needs of each of our patients. You don’t have to suffer with varicose veins and their uncomfortable symptoms. Contact PCI Vein Center today at 319-774-8432 to find out which vein treatment is the right one for you.

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