Why a Vascular Surgeon?

Why choose a vascular surgeon?

There are many different medical specialties that are involved in the care and treatment of venous diseases – cardiology, radiology, and dermatology just to name a few. Vascular surgeons are uniquely positioned to provide the most skillful, comprehensive, and unbiased care possible to their patients. Because vascular surgeons train for years in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood vessels they are highly focused on this one specific area of patient care. Like dermatology, they are practiced in correctly identifying problem areas on the legs that are a consequence of untreated venous disease. Like radiology, they have expertise in interpretation of specialized tests required to make accurate diagnoses. Like cardiology, vascular surgeons are highly skilled in the use and manipulation of wires and plastic tubes called catheters within blood vessels often required for today’s state of the art techniques. However, only vascular surgeons are also trained in traditional surgical skills and techniques sometimes necessary to achieve the best overall and desired result. When it comes to treating vein problems, the vascular surgeon provides the most complete skill set and knowledge base.

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